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Concussion Testing


2017 Freshman Testing DatesPlease check back in July 2017.

The athletic training room is located past the fitness lab on the left hand side.  If you plan on trying out for a Fall sport you must complete the baseline testing BEFORE try outs.

Impact Testing Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impact testing?

Impact testing is a computer test measuring concussion symptoms, reaction time, and memory recall to help assess concussions. Baseline testing is done prior to the season. In the event of a concussion, athletes take a follow up test once they are cleared by a doctor to compare the results.

Does every sport need to test?

The following sports need to take the Impact baseline test; football, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, cheer, basketball, wrestling, track (pole vaulters only), baseball, softball, and lacrosse.

The following sports do not need to take the Impact baseline test; cross country, golf, track (except pole vaulters), and tennis.

How often do I need to take the test?

A new baseline needs to be done once every two years. If you sustain a concussion within those two years you will need to take a follow up test at the doctor and athletic trainer’s discretion.

When is testing offered?

Dates are scheduled 1-2 months prior to each season. Dates and times are listed on the website.

Fall Sports – May (returning athletes), August (freshmen)

Winter Sports – November

Spring Sports - February

Where is testing located?

Testing is located in the lab of the media center.

How long is the test?

The test takes approximately 40 minutes between registration and taking the test. Everyone starts the test at the same time so it’s important that students show up on time.

What if I can’t make it to my scheduled testing date?

If you are unable to make your scheduled date please contact Katie as soon as possible to ensure that you won’t miss any practices.

Can I take the test at another location?

No, baseline testing needs to be done at River Hill. Tests from other facilities will not make you eligible for participation.

Do I still need to take the test if I transferred from another school?

If you transferred from a private school or a school outside of Howard County you will need to retake the baseline test. If you transferred from another Howard County public school and your current baseline is still within 2 years then you do not need to test. The athletic trainer still needs to be contacted in order to transfer the test to River Hill’s database.

For more information on Impact Testing visit 

Testing is in the lab of the media center. If you have any questions or cannot make your scheduled date please contact Katie at