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Booster Concession Stand

Concession Stand & After School Snack Shack

Concessions Stand
We Need You in the Concession Stand and Snack Shack! Meet the Kids, Meet the Staff, Meet the Parents, Meet the Coaches, AND HAVE FUN TOO!!!

The Snack Shack will open for 30 minutes after school in the indoor concession stand to offer students a healthy and affordable snack before sports practice. 1 or 2 parents are needed from 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm. 

Volunteer by contacting

It takes all of us to make it work!!!!! Thank you everyone for your help! We could not open without YOU!

River Hill Concession Stand Volunteer Policies
July 25, 2015

RHHS Boosters, Inc. operates the indoor and outdoor Concession Stands in order to:

· Support all River Hill High School extracurricular activities.

· To celebrate our students’ effort and achievement in activities outside the classroom.

· To promote school spirit, parental involvement, and community contribution.

As a volunteer you are investing your most valuable commodity – your time.


In order to ensure the maximum return on your investment and maximum value for every dollar spent by our community is returned to our students at River Hill, River Hill Boosters asks that you follow the policies below.


· Referees are eligible for up to two drinks per outdoor athletic event.

· During the final 15 minutes of an event, hot dogs, pizza and other perishable items may be sold at up to 50% off the published price.

2. Volunteers must arrive to the Concession Stand 1 hour prior to a varsity football game and 30 minutes prior to any other event. Volunteers must stay to clean up, take inventory, and restock until released by the Event Manager.

3. All volunteers shall:

· Be polite and courteous at all times with fellow volunteers and customers;

· Care for the Concession Stand equipment and merchandise and proceeds of sale;

· Follow the direction of the designated Concession Stand Event Manager;

· Follow the Concession Stand Operating Procedures;

· Not eat or drink any food products in the Concession Stand area;

· Wash hands after eating or using the restroom;

· Wear gloves when handling unpackaged food products; and

· Wear shoes at all times – no open toed shoes including flip flops.

4. Only individuals working a Concession Event shall be allowed in the Concession Stand.

5. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to work in the Concession Stand. Individuals under 18 may assist in stocking or cleaning the Concession Stand when it is not open for sales.

6. All volunteers are responsible for their own belongings. RHHS Boosters, Inc. shall not be held responsible for any individual’s belongings stored in Concession Stand.

RHHS Boosters, Inc. regrets having to publicly display these policies and require your signature acknowledging that you have read and understand the same. Failure to adhere to these policies can result in disciplinary action ranging from verbal reprimand to your dismissal as a volunteer. Or possibly one of the following alternative disciplinary actions:

· 30 Wind sprints and 10 sets of 10 burpees as halftime entertainment at all home athletic events

· Writing “I will not violate the Concession Stand Policies” 1000 times on the parking lot in chalk

· Recording a PSA on the virtues of following the Concession Stand Policies

· 5000 word essay on the positive economic impact of concession sales on the River Hill Community

· Standing at the intersection of Routes 108 and 32 with a sign stating, “I am sorry I violated the River Hill Concession Stand Policies.”

The only reason these policies exist is 
because they are unfortunately needed. 

For any Concession Event you volunteer for, you are required to sign into the Concession Event log book. Your signature in the log book indicates that you have read and understand the policies above and agree to follow the policies in word and deed. 

River Hill Concession Event Manager Volunteer Responsibilities

July 25, 2015

The Concession Event Manager is responsible for all aspects of a specific event including:

·       Obtaining Starting Cash

·       Ordering Pizza and Chick-fil-a

·       Opening the Concession Stand

·       Concession Operations

·       Cleanup

·       Inventory and contacting the Concession Purchase Manager with purchasing needs

·       Securing the Concession Stand

·       Counting out starting cash and placing in safe

·       Transferring concession proceeds to Concession Receivable Manager

Specific Responsibilities include:

1.     The Concession Stand shall not be operate without an Event Manager present.

2.     All Event Managers shall be trained by the Concession Manager

3.     Event Manager shall:

a.     Monitor the behavior of volunteers and be the sole arbitrator of disputes.


c.     Ensure adherence to the River Hill Concession Stand Volunteer Policies

d.     Operate the Concession Event in accordance with the Concession Stand Procedures

e.     Assign and instruct all volunteers in the specific duties required.

4.     Event manager shall ensure that all volunteers do the following prior to a Concession Event:

a.     Read the River Hill Concession Stand Volunteer Policies.

b.     Sign the Concession Event logbook acknowledging that they have read and understand the policies. 

Opening Procedures

subject to change to ensure we are adhering to new Howard County Health Dept. rules

  1. Coordinate with Concession Managers or Booster Treasurer to get the opening change for the cash box.
  2. Call for pizzas (if ordering them); ask for a manager. Start with 4 or 5 cheese pizzas. Tip or pay for them- just sign receipt. Store in pizza oven. Remember to keep count of pizzas ordered on tally sheet (mark with date).
  3. Prior to preparing any food, make sure you read and adhere to Health Dept. regulations posted within the concession stand.
  4. Boil hot dogs and simmer on low so dogs do not split. Wrap dogs in foil. Keep warm in oven.
  5. Retrieve candy/chips from refrigerator/plastic tub and set out on wire rack.
  6. Put out condiments (ketchup, mustard and relish) on desk in front of stand along with napkins.
  7. Warm nacho cheese in crock pot.
  8. Check sodas and juices, replenish if not full (warm to one side/cold to the other)
  9. Start coffee and hot chocolate (if needed)

Closing Procedures

  • Find out in advance where to place the money from the Concession Manager or Treasurer.
  • When you are ready to shut down the stand, all money in excess of the amount you started with should be placed in a blue zipper pouch. The amount of quarters/ones/fives/tens that stay in the box is indicated on a notecard in the cash box. Please leave all cash in the designated location at the end of the day.
  • Mark leftover cheese with date and refrigerate
  • Put all food away in tubs and refrigerator
  • Pile trash by outside trash can
  • Unplug all appliances used except for soda machine
  • Wipe down all used surfaces according to Health Dept. standards outlined in stand.
  • Wash pots USING THE THREE SINK SYSTEM as outlined in concession stand.
  • Please consider buying unsold pizzas to take home at $8.00.
  • Restock the soda machine.
  • Make a list of items needed to purchase and leave on order sheet for Lynn Paynter.

Snack Shack 


SNACK SHACK is a service provided by the Boosters to offer our students a healthy and nutritious snack after school, before sport practices. The prices are set to make this very affordable. Our menu is limited to items like low-calorie cracker and cookie packs, granola bars, power bars, Luna bars, baked chips, fresh fruit, fruit snacks, cheese sticks, water and Gatorade. This offering is still evolving and we welcome ideas.

Volunteers are needed to help daily with Snack Shack.  Time commitment is less than an hour.

Arrive by 1:50 pm (to ensure you don't get blocked out by buses). Snack Shack closes at 2:30 pm.

- Arrive at school before 2:00 pm and sign out the key to the indoor concession stand from the front office.

- Unlock concession stand door (only bottom lock is needed) - Open plastic bins under the counter and take out baskets of snacks, refill where necessary put them on the counter - Take fresh fruit, cheese sticks, fruit cups out of the refrigerator and put on the counter. Make sure all fresh fruit has been washed. 

- We keep an envelope w/change in the small white refrigerator take that out so you can make change when needed. 

- Open the service window before dismissal at 2:10 - Snacks are grouped by price... most everything is 50 cents (granola bars, large fruit snacks, fresh fruit, cheese sticks, bags of chips/crackers, etc) The smaller sized snacks like fruit snacks are 25 cents. Large Gatorade is $2, water and sodas are $1.

- At 2:30 pm close the service window - Restock baskets and put everything away in bins w/o squashing any items, return keys to front office.