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Boosters Bylaws

ARTICLE I - Name and Purpose

The organization will be known as the River Hill Booster Association. It will seek to promote interest and support of the student body and public interest in all activities at River Hill High School and its friendly competitors, aiding, counseling and otherwise furthering such activities in accord with school policy.

ARTICLE II - Membership

All person interested in the above-stated purposes are encouraged to attain membership by the payment of dues as adults or family.

ARTICLE III- Government

The Association will be governed by an Executive Committee consisting of the elected officers and one River Hill faculty member. Elective terms will be not more than two consecutive years beginning June 1st.

ARTICLE IV - The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee shall meet at least once each month at a time and place decided at the previous meeting. All Executive Committee meeting are open to the General Membership. Special meetings may be called by the president or any two members of the Executive Committee, providing notification shall be attempted for all members. Quorum will consist of four at all meetings. Majority vote rules.

Minutes shall be kept by the Recording Secretary or another member at each meeting and presented at the subsequent meeting, with a copy provided to the president in advance.

The outgoing Executive Committee and newly elected officers shall submit a proposed budget to the general membership at the May meeting, including details of how it's budget was followed.

The proposed budget will be prepared by the Executive committee and will consider any bona fide requests for funds presented to the Booster Association in accordance with the association's financial policy provisions of Article VIII.
The Executive Committee will contract for an annual audit of the books of the Association by a qualified, disinterested party. Such audit will be available to the membership at all times.
The Executive Committee must submit to the membership any proposed obligation of the Association beyond the immediate ability of the treasury to meet after all other outstanding obligations are met.

All actions of the Executive Committee are subject to change by the majority vote of all members present, at a regular meeting.

ARTICLE V - Officers

The President shall, in addition to his/her general supervision:
  1. Preside over Executive Committee and membership meetings
  2. Appoint standing committees and special committees and chairpersons and be member ex-officio of such.
  3. Be entitled to a credit authorization, not to exceed two hundred ($ 200.00) dollars to conduct business of the Association.
The Vice President shall:
  1. Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
  2. Be ex-officio and member of all committees, especially active (to report to the Executive Committee of those involved in fund-raising activities.
  3. Serve as chairperson of the Executive Committee for budget consideration.
  4. The Vice President will serve as President-elect.
  5. Be the primary liaison with related groups in other schools.
  6. Maintain liaison with the River Hill High School office and administration to assure that the Association is kept current with school policy.
  7. To assist the treasurer
The Treasurer shall:
  1. Serve as a member of the Executive Committee on budget consideration.
  2. Keep an accurate record of all monies received and disbursed.
  3. Ensure the checking account signature card is current. Two signatures will be required on the checks written. President, Treasurer or Faculty Advisor
The Recording Secretary shall:
  1. Take and maintain minutes of all meetings by the Executive Committee and membership, and provide copies at the next meeting.
  2. Require and maintain reports from committees on action submitted for the Executive Committee or membership action.
The Corresponding Secretary shall:
  1. Arrange notification of meetings to the Executive Committee and membership.
  2. Conduct and maintain correspondence and bring incoming correspondence to the attention of the Executive Committee at the first possible meeting.
  3. Be the Publicity Chair.
ARTICLE VI - Meetings
  1. The election meeting will be held each year in April.
  2. The proposed budget will be presented to the membership for approval each year at the May meeting.
  3. Any changes in the dues schedule must be presented to the membership in May.
  4. The newly elected officers will preside over the June meeting.
  5. Majority vote rules except for amendments to the By-Laws. Such amendments require a 2/3 majority vote of attending members, after receiving due written notice, sent out thirty (30) days prior or at the prior meeting.
  6. A membership list will be available at all meetings.
  7. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern.
ARTICLE VII - Elections

  1. The Executive Committee or Nomination Committee appointed by the President, will present a slate of candidates at the March meeting.
  2. Nominations from the floor must be made and seconded by qualified members.
  3. All members nominated must be in good standing AND be present at the April meeting or present written documentation of willingness to serve.

ARTICLE VIII - Fundraising and Expenditure of Funds

Fundraising activities shall:
  1. Be consistent with county and school policy.
  2. Support the goals and objectives of the budget.
  3. Be supported, as much as possible, by all school activities desiring financial support from the Booster Association.
Expenditure of funds shall:
  1. Be in accordance with the approved budget.
  2. Be made to those activities which have submitted a written request for funding consideration. Such request:
  3. Should be dated and submitted through and screened by either the Athletic Director (for athletic teams) or Principal (for non-athletic activities).
  4. Should be submitted to the Executive Committee by May 1 st., in order that they may become part of the budget proposal.
  5. If received after budget approval, will be considered by the Executive Committee providing the budget will allow for funding of such requests. These requests must be received two weeks prior to the next scheduled meeting to allow for subcommittee review.
  6. A minimum of 20% of the Budget should be set aside as the Capital Reserve Fund.

All written request will be reviewed by the Executive Committee, or subcommittee thereof, for:
  1. Appropriateness - should the Boosters fund the request?
  2. Fairness - will other activities be slighted?
  3. Need - is the request really needed or nice to have?
  4. Realism - is the amount requested realistic?
Organizations not providing a written request for funds may receive consideration at a scheduled meeting after budget approval providing:
  1. The need was not known or able to have been anticipated at the time of budget proposal preparation in May.
  2. A representative of the activity appears before the Executive Committee during a scheduled meeting and makes an oral request.
  3. The request is not more than two hundred ($ 200.00) dollars.
  4. The budget will allow for funding.

  5. If an individual or activity outlays monies in anticipation of Booster approval, the Booster Association is in no way obligated to reimburse that individual or activity.
Upon approval of a funding request, and the attainment of sufficient funds to honor such request(s), the Treasurer will issue a check as expeditiously as possible following notification by the activity that the outlay is necessary.